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  • 0909-Jaguar-XE0909-Jaguar-XE
  • 03-18 Jag XE Int03-18 Jag XE Int
  • 03-18 Jag XE S F03-18 Jag XE S F
  • 03-18 Jag XE SE BS03-18 Jag XE SE BS
  • 03-18 Jag XE SE FR03-18 Jag XE SE FR
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  • 0909-Jaguar-XE
  • 03-18 Jag XE Int
  • 03-18 Jag XE S F
  • 03-18 Jag XE SE BS
  • 03-18 Jag XE SE FR
  • 03-18 Jag XE side

Jaguar XE

The new Jaguar XE sports saloon has been universally lauded by the UK’s motoring press – from national newspapers to motoring magazines and specialist fleet and business publications. Take a look at the latest reviews and then experience XE for yourself by contacting a retailer to arrange an XE test drive. >>Read some of the motoring press reviews<<

Choose from six variants offering its owners anything from the ultimate in Jaguar saloon car styling to the high performance of the XE-S twin vortex supercharger 3.0ltr V6 380ps giving 0-62 in 4.8 seconds, this model fulfills the requirements of any driver and what ever use the desire to use it for, to compare the specifications each of the six versions have >>Click here<< you can then configure your XE save the on-line summary and send us a copy so we can give you a quote including any factory or dealer fitted options.

The Jaguar XE offers three diesel models and four petrol models depending on your choice of specification mainly coupled with an Automatic transmission and various models depending on your engine option offers AWD (All wheel drive). to view the model and engine combinations and their performance and economy >>click Here<<

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  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Fuel Type: Gasoline
  • Status: New