Jaguar XF Tax Free

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  • 03-18 Jag XF F03-18 Jag XF F
  • 03-18 Jag XF Pair BS03-18 Jag XF Pair BS
  • 03-18 Jag XF Est Side03-18 Jag XF Est Side
  • 03-18 Jag XF BS03-18 Jag XF BS
  • interiorinterior
  • 03-18 Jag XF Console03-18 Jag XF Console
  • 03-18 Jag XF F
  • 03-18 Jag XF Pair BS
  • 03-18 Jag XF Est Side
  • 03-18 Jag XF BS
  • interior
  • 03-18 Jag XF Console

Jaguar XF Saloon and Sportbrake

With two body types (Saloon and Sportbrake) each offering five extremely high standards of specification that you would expect from such a prestige vehicle, you will not be disappointed by this model that is placed within the executive market and which stands along side and above such competitors as BMW and Mercedes, to truly understand and what the XF will offer you as a owner and driver compare the models on offer by >>clicking here<<, once you have chosen and configured you car you can save the summary and email it to us so we can give you a quote including any factory or dealer options you require.

To ensure your drive is as luxurious comfort that each specification offers Jaguar offer you the choice four diesel and four petrol engines mainly coupled to and automatic transmission and the option of AWD (All wheel drive) depending on the model you choose, to review the performance and economy of each engine >>click here<<

For further details please email or call +49 (0) 172 5274341

All prices and specifications are correct at publishing but are subject to manufactures increases and changes please ask for written quotation.

  • Transmission: Manual
  • Fuel Type: Diesel
  • Status: New