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Lexus CT

FROM: £17,640

  • 11-17 Lexus CT FS11-17 Lexus CT FS
  • 11-17 CT Blue11-17 CT Blue
  • 11-17 CT Back11-17 CT Back
  • 11-17 CT Int11-17 CT Int
  • 11-17 Lexus CT FS
  • 11-17 CT Blue
  • 11-17 CT Back
  • 11-17 CT Int

The CT 200h offers  a sophisticated urban look with unique Lexus craftsmanship and the most advanced technologies. Experience an exclusive kind of luxury, advanced safety features and flawless paintwork. exceptional driving comfort and efficient hybrid performance, because it’s a Hybrid it never needs plugging in to recharge. In near-silent EV (Electric Vehicle) mode it uses no petrol, produces zero emissions.

From its 1.8cc 99ps Hybrid motors it can accelerate from 0-61 in 10.3 seconds and reach 112mph whilst still be able to return 74.3mpg, for more information on the Lexus CT please click here

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  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Fuel Type: Gasoline Hybrid
  • Status: New