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Lexus NX

FROM: £23,359

  • 11-17 NX F Sport F11-17 NX F Sport F
  • nx-200t-gallery-1920×1080-005_tcm-3066-383196nx-200t-gallery-1920x1080-005_tcm-3066-383196
  • nx-200t-gallery-1920×1080-006_tcm-3066-383197nx-200t-gallery-1920x1080-006_tcm-3066-383197
  • 11-17 NX F11-17 NX F
  • 11-17 NX F Sport F
  • nx-200t-gallery-1920x1080-005_tcm-3066-383196
  • nx-200t-gallery-1920x1080-006_tcm-3066-383197
  • 11-17 NX F

Lexus NX an Urban Crossover

Created to turn heads in the city, this hybrid crossover is always ready for an urban adventure,Designed to sense your every need, the NX lets you drive in absolute comfort. Inside the NX you’ll discover intuitive technology that makes your life simpler: an intelligent overhead lamp that senses your fingertip so you don’t search in the dark, and
a tailgate that remembers how far you usually open it.

All this technology is powered by either 2494cc 197ps combined with a E-CVT transmission and the choice of FWD or AWD returning 56.5mpg or 54.3mpg respectively, or the 2.0cc 238ps 6 speed Automatic accelerating from 0-62 in 7.1 seconds, with 7 variants of specification to choose from this stylish model will fulfill every owners requirements.

For more information on the Lexus NX click here.

  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Fuel Type: Gasoline Hybrid
  • Status: New