An Iconic Luxury Hybrid SUV

2020 Model year prices start from £39,370.00.

Bold and emphatic lines give way to a world of unparalleled comfort, space and luxury. You simply won’t find this level of finish in any ordinary SUV. Equipped with our latest Full Hybrid technology you can configure the RX to meet your exact requirements. Also available as the seven-seat RX L. T view the range click here…

Safety Euro NCAP

Lexus RX was awarded the prestigious Euro NCAP five-star rating. Scores for all the respective tested areas were well above the standard requirements to achieve five stars, the Lexus has been ranked amongst the very safest vehicles in this SUV segment.

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Once you have configured your RX at the end you can next the print icon next to the Lexus code, in the top right hand corner you can use the download tap and you will be given the option to save file on your desk top, you can then send us a copy of the PDF file so we can send you a quote.

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