Lexus UX

2020 Model year prices start from £22,803.00.

The new UX hybrid challenges everything that went before. Its bold design expresses unmistakable strength. Yet its elegantly sculpted surfaces suggest a character that is both stylish and dynamic.

Lexus UX Hybrid juxtaposes exhilaratingly smooth All-Wheel Drive performance with next generation efficiency. Journeys are powered by a fourth generation Self-Charging Hybrid with automatic transmission that features a new 2.0-litre four-cylinder petrol engine, powerful electric motor and newly developed hybrid transmission.

The vehicle charges itself as you drive. No plugging in, no compromise. High thermal efficiency and output is also delivered by the engine with C02 levels from 97g/km and BIK from 21%. The UX offers outstanding fuel economy from 49.5 – 53.2 mpg.

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