Renault Koleos Tax Free

FROM: £20,274

  • 2017 Ren Koleos WS2017 Ren Koleos WS
  • 11-17 Koleos FS11-17 Koleos FS
  • 11-17 Koleos back11-17 Koleos back
  • 11-17 Koleo Side11-17 Koleo Side
  • 11-17 Koleos Dash11-17 Koleos Dash
  • 11-17 Koleos Seats11-17 Koleos Seats
  • 2017 Ren Koleos WS
  • 11-17 Koleos FS
  • 11-17 Koleos back
  • 11-17 Koleo Side
  • 11-17 Koleos Dash
  • 11-17 Koleos Seats

Renault Koleos

The Koleos has been re-introduced to the Renault range and slots in to the medium-Large SUV sector, this is probably the leading model in terms of Tax Free pricing and standard specification

Tax Free

If you would like a Tax Free quote, we ask that you use the link below to explore and configure the exact model and variant you are interested in, please ensure you include any factory options and select the exterior and interior colour and trim using the manufactures website, this site is updated with all the latest specifications,once you have completed your configuration you can then click on the “Share” tab and then select by email, please enter, your desired vehicle summary will be emailed to us so we can contact you with an exact quote.

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For further details please email or call +49 (0) 172 5274341

All prices and specifications are correct at publishing but are subject to manufactures increases and changes please ask for written quotation.

  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Fuel Type: Gasoline
  • Status: New