Experience the poise and precision of the New Toyota C-HR

2020 Model year prices start from £19,964.00.

New Toyota C-HR’s sleek, stylish and purposeful stance is eye-catching from every angle with every feature flowing beautifully into the next, Its athletic design gives the sensation of movement – even at a standstill give you the choice of 1.8 Petrol Hybrid FWD 122ps Automatic, 1.2 Petrol 115ps Turbo FWD manual and automatic or 1.2 115ps Turbo AWD Automatic plus you can choose from three variants all offering high specifications as standard. To explore and configure your C-HR >>click here<<

The UK’s motoring press have been putting the Toyota C-HR through its paces. .

UK road tests


“The 1.2-litre petrol is remarkably agile by small SUV standards, staying upright and hanging on gamely through tight twists and turns.

Even its steering is accurate, delivering enough feedback to give you confidence through faster bends while staying light during low-speed manoeuvres.

“[It] rides quite well; it isn’t soft and wallowy like some SUVs, so there’s no nausea-inducing body bounce along undulating roads.

“The optional 9-speaker JBL system delivers good sound quality, even when you really crank up the volume.

“[The C-HR is] decent to drive, generously equipped and the hybrid version makes a lot of sense as a company car.”


“Thoughtful design and high-quality fit and finish are in plentiful evidence. We like the teardrop-shaped cupholders particularly, made to better admit a travel mug with a handle.

“The car steers with meaty feel and plenty of directional keenness, countering body roll well enough to maintain good resistance to understeer and responding as crisply when adding lock mid-corner as on initial turn-in.

“It rides with balance and sophistication – with just enough gristle in the gait to feel closely controlled over bigger bumps, but quietly and with decent suppleness.”

The Daily Telegraph

“You’ll not find a better example of a hybrid drivetrain than this”

“The C-HR is set up soft but with good body control. So the car barrels down the road, breathing over undulations but not crashing through bumps. It’s strange to drive something so softly sprung but with such good basic handling.

“The C-HR could have been ghastly, but to Toyota’s credit it is not. In fact, it’s likeable and in allowing a softer, more relaxed suspension, is good to drive, too.”

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