Toyota Prius Tax Free

2019 Model year prices start from £18,130.00.

The Toyota Prius took driving to a new level in 1997,and in 2017, the world’s first mass produced hybrid car celebrated its 20th anniversary. And even today its developing new intelligent design and technology: its more responsive, more efficient and quieter the Prius continues to redefine that outstanding Toyota hybrid experience.

Prius offers its next-level driving experience with a brand new hybrid system.
The battery recovers more energy, giving more time that can be spent in smooth, quiet EV mode; while the transition between EV and petrol engine mode offers you intuitive, dynamic acceleration whenever you need it. Its new transmission technology and improved sound insulation reduces noise levels to a minimum, offering you a whisper-quiet drive. Prius offers a more dynamic performance, excellent handling with its lower centre of gravity, enhanced suspension and a hybrid system that delivers more linear power.

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