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Range Rover Velar Tax Free

Full Details

  • 11-17 RR Velar11-17 RR Velar
  • 11-17 RR Velar BS11-17 RR Velar BS
  • 11-17 RR Velar B11-17 RR Velar B
  • 11-17 RR Velar Dash11-17 RR Velar Dash
  • 11-17 RR Velar Int11-17 RR Velar Int
  • 11-17 RR Velar Seats11-17 RR Velar Seats
  • 11-17 RR Velar FS11-17 RR Velar FS
  • 11-17 RR Velar
  • 11-17 RR Velar BS
  • 11-17 RR Velar B
  • 11-17 RR Velar Dash
  • 11-17 RR Velar Int
  • 11-17 RR Velar Seats
  • 11-17 RR Velar FS

Range Rover Velar Military discounted Tax Free sales

Range Rover Velar leads the way in progressive design with a striking contemporary presence, advance interior technology, incredible power and performance coupled with the fuel economy normally only achieved with smaller vehicles. To understand the performance and economy these models achieve view the latest Range Rover Velar performance site >>here<<

Velar offers you four Standard models and which ever model you choose, whether it be the standard Velar or the top of the ranger HSE you will not be disappointed with they high level of specifications. In additional to the Velar you can opt for the R-Daynamic range which has three standard versions S,SE and HSE plus a R-Dynamic Black Edition, to compare what each model offers  >>click here<<.

Should you wish a quote for your new Range Rover Velar we ask that you click on the link below choose your model and build it with any factory or dealer fitted options plus you desired colour choice, when you have configure the model you can email these directly to, please state where you are based and will ask your local agent to price the vehicle and contact you directly >>configure your new Velar<<

should you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to contact us for more information email


  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Fuel Type: Gasoline
  • Status: New