Cyprus Tax Free Military carsales

Cyprus Tax Free vehicles

Your new vehicle will be registered using a NMT (New means of transport) with a Export (Pink) log book at DVLA with a UK Reg No, you can use and the vehicle in the UK for 60 days but will need to arrange UK insurance for this time after which you must export the vehicle otherwise you  will become liable for the VAT which will be collected by Customs and Revenue in the UK at their current rate.

UK Shipping

You can choose to either deliver your vehicle to the shipping company yourself or we can arrange transportation from our suppliers to the shippers at Southampton with additional costs,They will then arrange the shipping to Limassol, their standard charge is currently £540 +VAT plus a £30 vehicle inspection fee to appraise your vehicles condition prior to sailing, some vehicles may cost more subject to size and weight.The vehicle has to be empty as nothing can be shipped inside.

Marine insurance

Our shippers can arrange optional marine insurance, if your vehicle is under 10 years old the current costs will be 2% of the value of the vehicle for all risk cover (this has an excess of 1% of the value with any claim with a minimum excess of £250) or Total Loss cover 1% of the vehicles value, vehicles over 10 years old can only have Total Loss cover.

Cyprus Port

Port & clearance duties are additional in Limassol. For more information on these charges please speak with our agent Nikolas Psaras in Limassol on 00357 2556 9369 or email, attn.: Elli. (Approx EUR 400).

Cypriot Road Fund Duties

To find out more about the road fund licence costs in Cyprus and and more about the road laws click here