• Ex-Forces Military Discounts Scheme

    Ex-Forces Military Discounts Scheme

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  • Land Rover Range

    Land Rover Range

  • Toyota Range

    Toyota Range

    Toyota, SUV and Hybrid Tax Free

    10-18 Hi-Lux
  • Mitsubishi Range

    Mitsubishi Range

    Full MItsubishi Range

    11-18 Mit L200
  • Renault Tax Free

    Renault Tax Free

    Renault SUV

  • Jaguar Range

    Jaguar Range

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    11-18 I-Pace x3
  • Lexus Range

    Lexus Range

    Full Hybrid models

  • Posted to Cyprus

    Posted to Cyprus

    We can help with the export of your new Tax Free vehicle

  • Range Rover PHEV

    Range Rover PHEV

    Ask for a Quote

    11-17 RR Hybrid
  • Tax Free Pick-up’s

    Tax Free Pick-up’s

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Posted back to UK and want to down size

Grant and Green can offer to buy back your current vehicle and supply you with a vehicle that will will comply with the ever changing UK taxation and reduce the running costs that you will incur when leaving BFG.
We can supply a variety of makes and models which you can purchase prior to leaving BFG and yet still benefit from Military discounted and Tax Free vehicles saving thousands against UK retail prices.
Many manufactures now offer Hybrid models that can reduce the cost of ownership when back in the UK but still attract Tax Free and Military savings, no more so that the Toyota and Lexus models that are revered within the motor industry as the leaders in this technology.

Toyota Range

Renault Range

Lexus Range

Ford Range

All New Range Rover Sport

To understand what the new Range Rover Sport offers its owners watch this video that explains how this model truly understands the expectations of its drivers

Range Rover Velar

Range Rover Velar design philosophy is revolutionary. To understand and appreciate what this new model offers, sit back and watch this video detail the styling, technology and performance the New Range Rover Velar will offer its owners

P400e Hybrid

Range Rover P400e PHEV Hybrid Combines a conventional engine with an electric motor and a battery. A Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) is charged from an external power supply and, using regenerative braking, seamlessly selects and blends the engine and electric motor to deliver optimum performance and efficiency.

All New Jaguar E-Pace

All New Jaguar E-Pace, To explore what this new SUV offers by highlighting its amazing design, technology and driving capabilities, this video will introduce it potential owners to what they will be enjoying as its owner.

New Land Rover Discovery

Get a full insight to this new model which offers all terrain capabilities class leading advance technology both within the vehicle and from outside via "In Control Connect Pro App" whilst giving complete comfort for up to seven people.

Petrol or Diesel

Changes in legislation, concerns over public health and the transparency of emissions testing have caused many to question how clean diesel engines are and whether they’re the right choice for them. It is important to note that current diesel engines are some of the cleanest ever produced. Why are diesel engines under the spotlight?

Learn More about Toyota Hybrid

With ever changing regulations and increasing road fund licence costs, more and more manufactures are introducing Hybrid vehicles, Toyota have been producing these vehicles for over 40 years so who better to give you an insight about how they work.

Toyota SUV Range

For over 65 years, Toyota have earned a reputation for building reliable and dependable SUVs, and within their range there is something for everyone, to satisfy any challenge or adventure you want to take on.

Grant & Green Military Sales

Grant and Green Tax Free Car Sales were established in 1991 for the sale of tax free motor vehicles to entitled members of British Forces Germany (BFG).

We are one of the longest established high profile multi-franchise companies based in Germany. As a respected member of the BFG community we offer a multifaceted service to members of BFG, not only offering the sale of new and used tax free cars, but also providing points of contact throughout BFG where our bilingual staff is always available to provide professional assistance before and after collection of a tax free car.

We provide help from your very first enquiry, guiding you through the minefield of military discounts, finance packages, insurance quotes and the multitude of BFG forms all culminating in the collection of your tax free car.

We offer services worldwide to all British Military Personnel. So no matter where you are, to name but a few Afghanistan, Iraq, Bosnia, Italy, Cyprus, Canada, Holland or Belgium (SHAPE), our knowledge in helping you to purchase a tax free car remains committed.

Grant and Green Congratulations Aaron Grant

Grant and Green Congratulates Aaron Grant Everyone at the Grant and Green would like to congratulate Aaron Grant for being asked to go to selection trials for GB u22 Men’s.

Grant and Green Congratulations Aaron Grant

Grant & Green Sponsor Sporting Prospect

Grant & Green are proud to be sponsoring Aaron who recently had a leg amputation as he seeks to inspire others in his sporting endeavors. Going forward Aaron will be looking

Grant & Green Sponsor Sporting Prospect

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